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A Call to Care, A Privilege to Nurture

                     MAGGIE CAREER INSTITUTE

Maggie Career Institute, Inc., welcomes you to our Wilmington Campus. Our main objective is to prepare students to become healthcare professionals: Certified Nursing Assistants; Phlebotomy Technicians; Home Health Aides, Patient Care Technicians and Medical Assistants.

About Us

Maggie Career Institute recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each individual. We celebrate diversity and strive to instill integrity, compassion, and confidence in each student. We implement the policy that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, veteran’s status, age or disability, be subjected to any form of discrimination prohibited by the Civil Rights Act

Mission Statement

Maggie Career Institute's primary mission is to meet the needs of a diverse student population within a caring, respectful, and multicultural environment. We strive to provide learning opportunities that will enhance students' knowledge, skills, and disposition to continue their education,  and become personally fulfilled, as well as being socially responsible in the provision of safe effective healthcare.

Eligibility for Admission

- Applicant must be aged 18 years and above                               - A picture ID Card

- Complete and submit an Application Form                                 -  A High School Transcript/GED/Diploma

- Pass a Criminal Background Check                                                   - A Two-Step PPD or Chest X-Ray Results

- A Flu Shot during the Flu Season (Required by the clinical site)

Start Dates

05/06/2024                                       05/20/2024

06/03/2024                                       06/17/2024

07/08/2024                                       07/22/2024

08/12/2024                                       08/26/2024

09/16/2024                                       09/30/2024

10/14/2024                                       10/28/2024

11/11/2024                                       11/25/2024

12/09/2023                                       01/06/2025

                                                                                     EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IS THE LAW

Maggie Career Institute is an equal opportunity training school which does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions, sex stereotyping, transgender status and gender identity), national origin (including Limited English Proficiency), age, disability, or political beliefs, and citizen status.

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